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  • Winter Maintenance

    With over 15 years of experience in the winter maintenance sector, Exactrak have developed systems to specifically address the best practice detailed in the Winter Service Practical Guidance (Appendix H), helping users achieve significant cost savings for their operation.

    From basic route navigation to cutting edge systems to allow fully automated gritting, exception reporting and route based forecasting, Exactrak can tailor products to meet your business requirements.

    The Exactrak suite of products provides the tools to monitor what actually happens once the vehicles have left the depot. With live reporting and the ability to create alerts and emails, should vehicles deviate from routes or fail to salt on their routes, the web based solution gives network manager’s visibility of how much salt is actually going down on the road, helping to eliminate a double edge sword of over salting and under salting. Highly detailed Ordnance Survey maps and backed up by comprehensive tabular reports so that each and every turn a vehicle makes is captured and each and every setting change made in the cab is reported on.

    Our solutions are compatible with all the major manufacturers from ECON Engineering and Schmidt to EPOKE, Romaquip and Cuthbertsons. The system returns both GPS (date, time, location and speed) as well as the data generated by the manufacturers control box.

    • Control Box on/off
    • Salt Sensor on/off
    • Spread Rate in g/m²
    • Spread Width in Metres
    • Chute Position / Asymmetry
    • Plough up/down
    • Pre-wet on/off

  • Tracking Systems


    Route Management


    Exception Reporting

    On-Board Weighing

    Real-Time Video

    Route Optimisation

    Route Based Forecasting

  • Maps

    Finding out exactly where and at what rates the salt has been deployed each time the fleet goes out is vital to a successful and efficient winter maintenance service. The unrivalled detail that Ordnance Survey mapping provides means that no matter where the fleet is, you have complete visibility of what happened and where, ensuring that pre-planned routes are followed correctly and the network has been covered.



    Specialist vehicles such as gritters have extremely poor fuel economy, so it is essential that operators have the ability to track their fleet, ensuring vehicles do not deviate from the most efficient routes. With this in mind, Exactrak offers a route digitising service to convert the published pre-planned winter routes so that we can provide exception reports highlighting ‘not salting on route’, ‘salting off route’ or ‘salting out of sequence’, at the same time we can also provide in-cab route navigation tools to ensure that any driver can drive any route.


    Route Digitisation:

    Exactrak can provide real time route exception reporting against pre-planned routes and generate alerts if vehicles are not salting on the route, salting off route or deviating from the route.


    Route Navigation

    A key component of the Exactrak system is the ability to deliver in-cab route navigation. The ability to store 100’s of pre-planned routes on board the system ensures that drivers are provided with the help they need when they need it. Route navigation will guarantee that routes are adhered to and that costs are reduced by managing the fuel usage, eliminating the number of wrong turns taken and reducing the miles driven.


    Automated Salting

    The market leading Intelligent Salting (IS) system has been developed in partnership with ECON Engineering; designed specifically to meet the demands of winter service. The system not only has clear health and safety benefits by enabling drivers to concentrate purely on driving, but the software ensures that the salt goes down where it’s required at the precise rates wanted. The benefits are tangible too, with real cost savings on salt achieved by reducing blanket over salting on the road network with the associated reduction in the environmental impact as an additional bonus.


    VECTIS Based Route Forecasting

    Exactrak is also at the very fore front of developments within the industry, our VECTIS solution is the patented interface between the Route Based Forecasting systems supplied by the Met Office or Meteo Group and the in-cab control systems in the gritters.

    Route Based Forecasting is rapidly gaining traction within the industry and Exactrak are working closely with the service providers to ensure that as weather feeds come into control rooms the data can be transferred directly to the gritters so drivers can be guided round highly modified routes bringing savings in time, miles driven and salt deployed.

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    Product Literature

    Download our winter maintenance specification sheet by clicking the image above.

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